Whether you’re a child, or even much, much older, you can still struggle to fall asleep on Christmas Eve.

This could simply be because you’re excited for Christmas Day, or even because you’re stressed about the expectations you may have set for yourself for the big day ahead.

In this article, we’re going to explain how you can get to sleep easier on Christmas Eve, with some handy tips and tricks.

Firstly, as we’ve covered in past articles, it’s best to lay off the alcohol until the day itself. Alcohol, for most people, keeps them awake, simply because it messes with your circadian rhythm. Other substances such as caffeine and sugar also induce the same effects, so try to lay off them too.

Staying away from your technological devices before you go to bed is also a safe bet. Try to do something instead, like reading a book or having a bath or shower to reduce the likelihood of not being able to sleep.

Being busy in the day can make you tired before you go to bed, so make sure to have an action-packed Christmas Eve and you’ll most likely fall asleep on the spot!

On the flip side, you could try waking up earlier than normal on Christmas Eve. Doing this will also make you tired later on in the day, and will prepare you for an early wakeup call on Christmas Day itself.

The lack of light in your room will also play an essential role in falling asleep. Try to close your curtains and turn off all lights in your room and house so that you can fall asleep in the dark easier. This is also great for the environment!