Tokyo in Japan is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Because of this, the Japanese population has had to adapt to being packed into tight spaces. 

The ‘micro apartment’ is commonplace in cities like Tokyo, where the space for normal-sized apartments is simply not possible because of the space constraints. You would think that Japanese citizens would hate this lifestyle, but they have become very accustomed to it.

Rent usually costs around 50,000 to 100,000 Japanese Yen, which is quite cheap compared to renting properties in other cities such as London, or New York City. The downside is that you get far less space compared to properties in these sorts of cities.

Rooms are typically around 8-10 meters squared and built vertically and not horizontally, meaning that it’s common for a micro-apartment to have more than one floor in its floor plan.

Westerners may be put off staying in a micro-apartment, as they may be used to space and not feel claustrophobic, but the micro-apartments themselves remain heavy in popularity amongst younger people, especially students.

People tend to have their sleeping quarters on the top level, and their living quarters on the bottom level, meaning that they have more space for their daily activities or amenities on the bottom level. This is not the same for everyone, though.

Typically showers and other cleaning facilities are located outside of their rooms, meaning that they would have to wash in a residential space and not in private. Most rooms come with a washing machine, however.

Would you stay in a micro-apartment?