In this article, we’re going to highlight our top 5 best-selling ranges from the past year. 

5. Suffolk

Coming in at number 5 is our Suffolk range.

If you’re a fan of smart and clean-looking wardrobes, then Suffolk might be up your alley.

Suffolk is one of our newest ranges and has steadily risen the ranks as one of our best-selling ranges with its distinctive farmhouse look.

You can check out more of our Suffolk range, here.

4. Portland

Our Portland range steams in at the fourth position.

Baring a relaxed and informal look, the Portland range is perfect for pretty much any environment with its uniquely distinctive and traditional style.

If you have an attic, this is a range to keep in mind.

You can check out more of the Portland range, here.

3. Ascot

ascot french oak office

The bronze medal goes to our Ascot range.

This is the only range on our list, that is available as both a bedroom range and a home office range. So, we can cater to both needs, if need be.

With supremely elegant proportions, Ascot has a pronounced, raised central section with deep side channels.

Check out more of Ascot, here.

2. Belmont

Our runner-up is our Belmont range.

The great thing about our Belmont range is the fact that it retains an incredible amount of flexibility, meaning that it suits most handles and coloured finishes.

The rounded edges of Belmont also set it apart from our other ranges.

Check out more of Belmont, here.

1. Milan

At our top spot is our Milan range.

Milan is our top-seller and by quite a large margin.

The sheer simplicity of the Milan range means that its flexibility for finishes and handles is bar none. Anything you wanted, would probably work with the range itself.

Check out more of our Milan range, here.