In this article, we’re going to highlight Spacemaker’s top 5 selling handles from 2020 to 2021.

5. H88/89

This brushed metal handle is simple, yet elegant, meaning that it suits a wide variety of doors and drawers.

4. H17/H18

H17 handle

The H17/H18 handles have a rounded feel, looking modern and sleek for an up-to-date bedroom.

The H18 variant is much longer than the H17.

3. H69/H70

H69 handle

The H69/H70 handles have a fantastic sleek metal look.

The H70 handle is a longer variant of the H69 handle.

2. H78

H78 handle

H78 is a brilliant long bar handle, which is versatile and suitable for pretty much any wardrobe and drawer type you can think of.

1. H32/H33



Our top spot goes to the H95/H96 handle variant.

In all its glory, this handle type is pretty much suitable for any wardrobe or drawer type you can shake a stick at.

The H96 handle type is a longer version of the H95.

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