Stellar Divisions

Solar Sliding Doors are available in a number of styles. The door panels can be divided using ‘Transom Bars’ as illustrated above. In addition it is also possible to mix a single panel mirror door with the three or four panel option.

Make your choice!

Use the menus below the image to choose your framing, finish and glass options.

PLEASE NOTE: The styler below allows you to show the single and three panel ‘waistband’ styles.
To turn the waistband off, choose the ‘None’ option.

We couldn’t possibly provide you with photos that show every possible combination of Spacemaker’s sliding door framing, finish and glass combinations.

We have, however, developed this clever little app that will allow you to try out your ideal combinations. All images are created by our in-house CAD team to provide an accurate representation of your choice.

Please have fun trying to design your favourite sliding door style and when you are ready to take the next step then contact us for a free brochure or no obligation designer visit.

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Please note that colours and finishes shown are an approximation of our actual finishes. Please ask your designer for vinyl samples during your Free Designer Visit.