It’s the ultimate showdown. 

Both memory foam and spring mattresses have their upsides and downsides, but everyone has their preferences, so what would be the best for you?

Firstly, when it comes down to the price of both of these mattresses, spring-based mattresses are usually the cheapest of the bunch, with memory foam mattresses being far more expensive in most cases. This is because of the materials used in a memory foam mattress, but this varies from mattress to mattress.

In regards to comfort, a memory foam mattress would usually relieve joint and muscle pain in all parts of your body, whereas a spring-based mattress can do damage to a certain part of your body in some cases. Memory foam mattresses can also help with spine realignment, while spring-based mattresses usually cannot.

Memory foam mattresses usually have far longer longevity compared to the spring-based mattress. Typically spring mattresses last around 5-6 years, while memory foam mattresses last around 7-8 years. However, it is said that you should technically replace your mattress every 10 years, even if you grow accustomed to it.

If you’re worried about the environment, then a spring-based mattress is probably the way to go. The materials based in a memory foam mattress have a higher carbon footprint compared to their spring-based counterpart.

Lastly, some people just don’t like how a memory foam mattress feels. Some people are accustomed to a spring-based mattress, and that’s ok!