If you’ve ever travelled to a far out destination on an airplane, you may have noticed how fatigued and unwell you feel. This is because of jet lag, which is classified as a circadian rhythm disorder that temporarily impacts your body when travelling across time zones.

Whilst you cannot prevent jet lag, there are ways you can alleviate and the soften the blow of the effects that it may have on you. 

One of the easiest ways to prevent jet lag from having an effect on you, still actually means you’ll have jet lag, but instead you’ll arrive at your destination earlier than when you was supposed to. If you have an important reason as to why you’re flying to that location, then try to enter your destination a few days beforehand, to catch up on rest and to get your body clock working again.

Another easy one is getting plenty of rest before your trip. Make sure to get some shut-eye before getting to the airport and boarding the plane.

Make sure to get plenty of water and to stay hydrated, whether you’re on your flight to your destination or about to leave, or at your destination. Being dehydrated increases the likelihood of jet leg occurring.

If you can, try to sleep on the plane to your destination if it’s night-time where you’re going. If it’s daytime, then stay awake as you can sleep later. If you land and you’re struggling to stay awake, and you’re not sensitive to caffeine, then try to drink coffee,  tea or an energy drink to keep yourself going.

While these pointers don’t exactly prevent jet lag from happening, they do help decrease the effects of what you may experience.