People who struggle to get to sleep at night, whether they have insomnia or just live in a busy area, may opt for trying out ASMR in the form of white noise.

White noise itself is a continuous sound that has all of the frequencies that a human being can hear at one time. However, noises such as a shower running, or a fan spinning can unofficially be classed as a ‘white noise’ to help people sleep.

How exactly does it help you sleep, though?

Firstly, we need to understand what ASMR actually means. ASMR is an ‘Autonomous sensory meridian response‘ that a person would typically feel from their scalp, all the way down to their spine.

Some people say that ASMR was popularised by Bob Ross’ painting TV shows that aired in the 1980s/90s, but was considered mainstream when creators on YouTube made specific ASMR-based content for the website.

The reason why white noise is described as a sleep aid, is because it blocks out foreign frequencies, creating a masking effect for your hearing. People who suffer from tinnitus are usually suggested to try using white noise to alleviate their symptoms as a form of treatment because of this.

With the popularity of YouTube ASMR videos, ASMR can be freely accessed from anywhere, meaning that people can get to sleep a lot easier wherever they are. Of course, you can always invest in a white noise machine if you’re unable to access ASMR content from a smartphone or device capable of playing videos while you sleep.