After a turbulent (nearly) 2 years, it seems like overseas travel for holidays is back on the books for a lot of people. But, where exactly are the best places to travel to in 2022?

Querying with the new Government guidelines for travel abroad, we’ve picked out some of the best places worth visiting in the next year. 

Geneva, Switzerland

Sitting very close to the border of France is Geneva, a small city with a lot on offer for it’s tourists and locals. You’ll be surprised to know that the city has some of the best food in Europe on offer in its finest restaurants, whether you’re in Old Town Geneva, or in its newer provinces.

Café culture is a big thing over in Europe, so if you’re a fan of sweet baked goods and hot drinks, make sure to get your fix in the city, as there are plenty of good café’s to hit up.

Visit Switzerland in the summer if you’re not going there to ski, as it gets rather cold out there, with temperatures averaging only 1 degree celsius in the month of January.

Authors personal note: Make sure to check out Hôtel Les Armures in Old Town Geneva for some of the best cheese fondue in the world. It’s pricey, but incredibly worth it.

New York City, USA

The Big Apple is truly like what you see in the movies. There’s quite simply no other city in the world that has some of the best street food and some of the best shopping spots on the planet.

See the towering and bustling skyscrapers in downtown Manhattan, or go further afield to Brooklyn and experience what America really has to offer.

Flights to America have only got cheaper as time has gone on, so it’s becoming a more and more viable choice to fly there once they open up the borders in November this year.

Author’s personal note: Looking for food suggestions while in the big city? Dollar slice pizza is some of the greatest fast food in the world and for a literal dollar a slice, you get a giant piece of some of the finest pizza in the world. Want to spend a bit more? Make sure to hit up Katz’s Delicatessen for big and meaty sandwiches with that added flair of New York-loving.

Rome, Italy

The crown jewel in the Italian lands, that is Rome, sits very slightly in the middle of all of the laid-back action that goes on in the country.

Rome is an ancient city, so prepare to get your history geek on, as you learn about the Romans via the Colosseum and the Pantheon. Other attractions like the Trevi Fountain and Vatican City give an even broader historical look on how the city shaped to be one of the most famous in the world.

As you’re in Italy, the food there is also delectable. There’s plenty on offer, so make sure to book a reservation somewhere and eat all the Fettuccine Alfredo you can.

Author’s personal note: Want a different slice of Italy? Why not try taking one of Italy’s incredibly cheap trains to Naples, a city with even more history and a lot of character.

Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia has gained more and more notoriety over the years as a hotspot to travel and hunker down in and it’s easy to see why.

Zagreb is Croatia’s capital city, sporting fabulous 18th/19th century architecture, as well as much more contemporary and modern spaces.

Art and museum lovers will have a lot to discover in Zagreb, whether its the countries Archaeological and Ethnographic museums, Mestrovic Gallery or even The Museum of Broken Relationships, which is a museum about old lovers and partners and their sentimental objects.


When it came to the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore had one of the best responses in the world to the virus, meaning that its an incredibly safe and justifiable place to visit in 2022.

With some of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world, Singapore really does live up to its name as one of the best cities in the world to visit in 2022.

If shopping is your thing, then a visit to Singapore’s famous Orchard Road with its many malls and shopping centres, may be all you need to feel like you’re in retail heaven.