Putting a few potted plants in your bedroom can increase the air quality of your safe haven by an exponential amount. There’s obviously, also, the fact that potted plants can spice up the look of any room and really give it that ‘natural’ feel. 

Courtesy of the Social Team at Spacemaker, here are our top picks for the best potted plants for your bedroom.

Aloe Vera

Probably one of the most distinguishable, and well-known succulent plants in the world, is the Aloe Vera plant. The plant itself has lots of medicinal properties, such as skin moisturisation, wound healing and even constipation relief.

This all stems from the clear/white gel-like substance in the middle of the plant when you cut it open.

Aesthetic-wise, the plant makes a great addition to all kinds of bedrooms. The plant is also known to increase air quality by a large amount, so if you’re in a big city with lots of air pollution, this might be a solid choice for having some fresher air while you sleep.

You’ll only need to water this plant now and then, so it’s perfect for people who forget to water their plants every so often.

Spider Plant

Great in a hanging basket or on your floor in a big planter, Spider Plants are a fantastic addition to your bedroom. A word of warning, though, people with major plant allergies will most likely suffer badly with this one around, so if that’s the case, then you should steer away from the this plant in particular.

As you keep growing the Spider Plant, you may notice that the leaves may brown and age, this is normal and not to be worried about.

This plant is non-toxic to pets and children, so you’ll have no worries putting this down anywhere in your bedroom.

Spider Plant’s provide great protection against pollutants, so it’s great for increasing air quality in your room and around your home.


Gardenia’s are different from the bunch, as instead of increasing air quality in your home, they actually relieve stress and anxiety naturally.

To keep your Gardenia healthy in your home, however, you’ll need a lot of light from a bright light source (aka the Sun) and a very humid home, so keep this in mind.

With fragrant and beautiful looking flowers that blossom very quickly, they’ll also give you better quality sleep.

This plant is sadly poisonous to cats, so if you have any furry felines, this plant is definitely not for you.

Rubber Plant

One of the most low-maintenance plants on this list, Rubber Plants are big and provide better air quality in your room by soaking up all of those bad contaminants.

You’ll only need to water these on occasion and put them in low sunlight, so they can pretty much go anywhere around your bedroom.

English Ivy

You would commonly see English Ivy growing up the side of buildings, but did you know that you can grow it safely in your own home?

Perfect in a hanging planter, you’ll usually see your English Ivy overflowing out of the basket and sometimes onto your floor. If this doesn’t bother you then you’ll love the amazing natural look it’ll bring to your home.

English Ivy is mildly poisonous if eaten, so keep them out of reach of children and pets if you have them.