Congratulations! You now have a spectacular new bedroom from Spacemaker. But, you feel like you’re missing some incredible items to fill your new bedroom with?

Well look no further, as we have 8 items that have been specially chosen by our experts in office that are guaranteed to spice up your new bedroom interior.

Bedside Shelf Organizer

Feeling lazy? This bedside shelf organizer allows you to put all your essentials into one place, where you can easily obtain them, without getting up and moving around your room.

So, if you need your phone, glasses or television remote, everything is in handy reach.

The shelf organizer is wall mounted with stick on tabs, so it’s easy to install and easy to take off your wall if needed to be moved.

This item is £13.99 on Amazon.


Amazon Echo Dot

The Echo Dot from Amazon, is a smaller and more compact version of the normal Echo device, meaning that it can fit on smaller surfaces.

With voice-activated smart technology from Alexa, you’ll be able to tell Alexa to play your favourite music or radio station, shop for groceries, ask for your daily weather forecast and much, much more.

Amazon currently has their third generation Echo Dot on sale for £24.99, that you can pick up here.

WiFi Mini Projector

Don’t have a television in your room? You might be interested in a mini projector.

With the ability to output 1080p video from any device you can think of, whether its your games console, Chromecast or Fire TV stick, or even your mobile phone or laptop, you’ll be able to watch whatever you like on a screen that can expand up to 200 inches.

The WiFI Mini Projector is currently on sale for £89.99, that you can pick up here.


NEOM Perfect Night’s Sleep Scented Candle

Using a complex blend of 14 essential oils, that include English lavender, chamomile and jasmine, the NEOM Perfect Night’s Sleep scented candle is the perfect supplement for a good and natural night’s sleep.

The candle can be left to burn for up to 2-4 hours, in that time range, you would have definitely hit the hay and be in the middle of a refreshing night’s sleep.

The NEOM Perfect Night’s Sleep Scented Candle is £25 on Amazon.

Philips Hue Starter Kit

Thanks to recent advances in technology, smart lighting has become one of the hottest tech trends of the past few years.

Utilizing the power of your voice with help from Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple’s HomeKit, you can turn off, dim or change the colour of your lights in your house.

With Philips’ handy free mobile phone app also, you can also control the lights and change the bulbs colours with up to 16 million different combinations.

The starter kit contains 3x light bulbs and 1x Hue Bridge to control everything you need out of the box.

The Philips Hue Starter Kit is currently on sale for £79.99 on Amazon.


Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Sometimes we all feel way too lazy to do housework. Thanks to the invention of the robot vacuum cleaner, however, that is a feeling of the past.

eufy’s BoostIQ RoboVac cleans hard floors, to even medium-pile carpets, so no matter the surface of your bedroom or house, it will get the job done.

The machine is also self-charging, so set it on a schedule on the eufy app on your phone and let it do its thing.

The eufy BoostIQ RoboVac is currently on sale for £159.99 on Amazon.


Bedroom Humidifier

Whether it’s a hot British Summer, or a cold Winter’s night, Elechomes’ bedroom humidifier has got you covered.

With one fill up to 5.5 litres, the humidifier can work for up to 40 hours. Once unneeded also, it can shut off automatically so its tailored to your very needs.

If you’ve got pets, you can customise the humidity from 30-80%, so this product is incredibly pet friendly.

The Elechomes Top Fill Humidifier is currently on sale for £76.49 on Amazon.


Russell Hobbs Steam Genie Clothes Steamer

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to unfold your ironing board and plug in your iron, a clothes steamer is well worth investing in.

The steam genie has attachments for every task, whether you’re steaming fine clothing, upholstery or removing the lint from certain fabrics.

The device takes 45 seconds to heat up and you’ll get 11 minutes of steam time on one fill.

You can pick up this item for £39.99 here.

All prices on this article are subject to change.