Christmas is just around the corner… But why haven’t you put up your tree yet?

Let’s get into the Christmas spirit, shall we?

In this article, we’re going to list 5 Christmas decoration ideas you should implement into your home.

What about a mini tree?

Big Christmas trees are all the rage, but have you considered putting smaller Christmas trees in your house?

Think about it, you could put one in every room and give it a different theme. One could be a snowy Christmas tree, one could be a more minimal-looking tree or you could just go incredibly overboard and pile on the decorations. It’s up to you in the end.

You can get mini Christmas trees at many different shops, even your local supermarket.

Give your staircase some love.

Staircases are sometimes neglected in people’s houses, so why not throw some tinsel around them?

Even better, lights can create a spectacular look for your staircase. White lights or even red and green lights can create a simply dazzling look.

Gift wrap your old package boxes!

Have you got any spare Amazon or Royal Mail packages lying around? As practice for wrapping your gifts, you could gift wrap some old boxes and use them as decorations in your house.

Go wild with your imagination when gift wrapping them because, in theory, you could re-use these as decorations for next Christmas if you truly desired.

Ribbons Galore

Ribbons are a simple addition to any sort of Christmas decoration. Hang them from your fireplace, or even use them delicately in your kitchen as a way to put your Christmas goodies and chocolate in a tasty pile.

Be careful if you have pets. though, as if your pet swallows a ribbon accidentally, you’ll most likely end up with a very large vet bill.

Change up your stockings!

Lastly, instead of your bog standard stockings, why not replace them with something different?

You could use mugs, buckets, shoes or even upside-down hats. The choice is yours!