Using your phone as an alarm clock is great, but some alarm clocks have unique features that your mobile phone might not have. Also, a traditional alarm clock can look great in a bedroom.

In this article, we’re going to showcase 5 alarm clocks that would make great stocking stuffers. Get your wrapping paper ready.

Seiko Sports Timing Clock

Firstly, for those who are fans of sports and athletics, this Seiko clock might be the perfect gift for them.

Featuring a stopwatch (for some reason, we don’t understand why it needs one unless you’re doing laps around your bedroom), calendar function, and automatic snooze button, it’s a sure-fire way to impress a sports fanatic this holiday season.

The Seiko Sports Timing Clock is available on Amazon for £29.18.

Higolot Runaway Alarm Clock

Higolot’s Runaway alarm clock beeps loudly, and you’ll have to get up out of your bed to chase it and turn the alarm off. It’s a great alarm clock for heavy sleepers and those who struggle to get out of bed in the morning.

Available in a variety of colours, including pink, white, green, and yellow, this alarm clock is super durable and can withstand a lot of rough and tumble.

Higolot’s Runaway alarm clock is available for purchase on their website, which is currently on sale for £16.99.

Lenovo Smart Clock 2

Smart products are undeniably the future. Lenovo seized this opportunity and created their Lenovo Smart Clock, an alarm clock that does many more things than tell the time.

Lenovo is currently on their second iteration of the smart clock and compared to their first counterpart, the clock now has a 4″ touchscreen so you can navigate its apps, or have family photos as your screensaver on the clock face.

The smart clock also comes with Google Assistant, which is similar in vein to Amazon’s Alexa and will allow you to use voice-activated commands to set your alarm, play radio stations/music/podcasts, and more.

Lenovo’s Smart Clock 2 is available on Currys for £34.99.

Amazon Echo Alarm Clock Holder

Even though it’s not technically an alarm clock, this 3D printed holder lets you use your Amazon Echo as an alarm clock, placing it into the holder.

If you have an Amazon Echo, then this is probably a great money-saver for you or even an interesting gift.

Etsy currently has this in stock at its lowest price of £27.44.

Alarm Clock With Wireless Charger

Lastly, this alarm clock has the nifty feature of being able to charge your phone wirelessly, without the use of a Lightning or USB-C cable.

Any smartphone or device compatible with wireless charging will allow you to charge your device wirelessly on top of the alarm clock, which is perfect for people who need to charge their phone before they wake up.

The Groov-e Athena Alarm Clock with Wireless Charger is available on Currys for £34.99.

All prices in this article are subject to change.